99 days till Euros, 2021 – Zagreb, Croatia and some news

Hello figure skating world,

Long time no see, eh?

Who could have though that Junior Worlds in Estonia would end up being the last major competition in 2019/2020 season? Still, a lot has happened. We live in a very different world than the one Euros in Graz took place another one in Tallinn, Estonia where the top juniors had their last opportunity this year to compete.

I really hope you are all taking care of yourselves and are being responsible towards your communities.

Here are some good news from Croatia regarding figure skating.

European Figure skating Championships will hopefully, be taking place in less than 100 days in Zagreb, Croatia more specifically, the event is scheduled to take place from the 25th till 31sth of January in Arena Zagreb. Those of you who follow diligently Croatian skating news, will immediately see that Dom Sportova is not being used for the event and there could be several reasons for this decision.

Croatian Skating Federation has been trying to get to host World Figure Skating Championships for many years now and one of the obstacles was the capacity and conditions that Dom Sportova arena can offer. This facility was built in 1972 and has only been renovate once, prior 1987 Universiade.

It is very likely Dom Sportova will have to be very thoroughly renovated in the near future as on early Sunday morning of March 22nd an earthquake of magnitude of 5.5 Ml hit Zagreb.

You can click on the following link to see what this natural disaster has done to my hometown. Many people lost their homes, many were injured and a 15 year old girl has lost her life. Zagreb will take many years to rebuild itself as the old downtown was very seriously damaged.

I would like to use this opportunity to thank many of my contacts and friends from figure skating community who have reached out to check on me on that very scary morning and in the following days.

From the official documentation, Dom Sportova can be used for sports activities, but not in its full capacity, as some areas are not well connected and they will need further inspection.

The tickets are not yet available for sale as the ISU and Croatian Skating federation are looking into what the situation with COVID19 is going to be like in the following weeks and next information will be available after November 1st. You can write to Croatian Skating Federation regarding tickets tickets@croskate.hr

There are no updates on what the situation is with the Golden Spin of Zagreb. The event is in the ISU calendar for Challenger series and set to take place from 2nd till 5th of December.

The situation with Covid19 cases is getting worse in Croatia, especially in Zagreb and the governing bodies are enforcing new restrictions every week. Football matches took place in open air stadions with limited audience. It remains to be seen how an event in a closed sports facility will take place in December.

Honestly speaking, given that very often the author of this website has been the only spectator at the Golden Spin, excluding team members and staff, there should not be problems holding the event if the borders are not closed and quarantine mandatory for certain countries. Social distance could be provided, but this is simply an observation from a figure skating enthusiast. Maybe these circumstances will finally motivate the right people for the proper live stream to be provided to this long lasting event that was only not held one year – in 1991 when Croatian War of independence was tearing Croatia apart.

There are currently no news about World Synchronized Skating Championships that is to take place in Zagreb in April, 2021.

In other news, Jari Kessler is now representing Croatia. Former Italian representative, is now included on the list of registered Figure Skaters in Croatia for season 2020/2021 as a senior man competitor together with Charles Katanović. Both Katanović and Kessler are listed as representing Skating Club Leda, Zagreb.

Kessler has competed at Budapest Trophy (part of the ISU Challenger series) this week where he placed 7th with total of 176.13 points. Hana Cvijanović was also scheduled to compete but withdrew from the competition.

You can follow Jari on social media. He seems to be very active on his Instagram account

Morana Paliković Gruden has been confirmed for another four year term as president of Croatian Skating Federation on Annual Assembly that took place on 22nd of September. This was not a surprising decision for the Federation. Paliković Gruden is the second most powerful person in Croatian Olympic Committee and holds the highest position in this organization for Winter sports.