52nd Golden Spin of Zagreb – the final Challenger of the season

Traditionally, the beginning of December is reserved for the final ISU Challenger of the season. Simply, it is time for Golden spin of Zagreb! One of the oldest figure skating competitions in the world is being held in Dom Sportova arena from 4th till 7th of December.

So far, there are 31 senior ladies, 30 senior men, 24 senior pairs and 16 ice dance couples and again Golden spin will have junior competing with 27 junior ladies, 8 senior men, 5 junior pairs and 20 junior ice dance couples.

At the press conference, held at Dom sportova Arena on Monday, 2nd of December, the president of Croatian Skating Federation was very happy to share some historical facts:

“This year at junior event we have six junior competitors. This shows Croatia has future in figure skating and that is the best gift for 80th birthday of Croatian Skating Federation.”

The Organization Committee has decided to leave the entry list open to the last minute arrivals to Zagreb.

So far, the largest national teams will be arriving from Russia and USA. Last years winner in men’s category, Jason Brown will be defending his title, while team Russia will be represented by European and World Champion and frequent visitor to Zagreb – Elizaveta Tuktamysheva and the latest news is that she will be joined by her training team Sofia Somudorova, the current European Champion.

The eyes of the world wide skating community will be on another recognizable Russain skater. Ksenia Stolbova has paired up with Andrei Novoselov and is looking for redemption.

Stolbova has been one of the most recognizable pairs skaters from Russia since Sochi Olympics in 2014, where she won a Silver medal in the individual event with her at the time partner, Fedor Klimova as well as team Gold medal with selected teammates.

Her new partner is Andrei Novoselov. An experienced pairs competitor that has represented both Russia and France with his previous partners and the team is being trained by a famous coach and choreographer Nikolai Morozov.

Croatian audience will be happy to see Lana Petranovic and Antonio Souza Kordieru back on the competitive ice. They are making their seasonal debut after being forced to start the preparations for this season late due to the second knee surgery Petranović had in April this year. The last preparations for the Croatian team were at the Nina Mozer’s camp in Moscow.

“We have just returned to Zagreb from training in Moscow. We have been working very hard in Nina Mozers camp sever since I was able to come back to the ice after my second knee surgery and rehabilitation.”

Souza Kordieru was in a very good mood while showing off lifts and throws to the representatives of the media with Petranović.

“I must admit it was a bit boring to train on my own while Lana was recovering. But we both have common goals and dreams and the most important one is going qualifying for the Olympics in 2022. For this season we have a set of two new programs that we will premier in Zagreb.”

Lana Petranović, Antonio Souza Kordeiru 2

Top Croatian lady, Hana Cvijanović will compete in the junior version of the event alongside Hana Kosić, Luce Stipaničev, Stella Ristič, Lorena Čižmek and Charles Henry Kitanović.

Young Cvijanović, who turned 17 on Monday, was feeling very confident while chatting with the reporters:

I am both excited and nervous, after all, this is the biggest competition for me in front of my hometown audience this season. My goal here is to achieve the technical minimum score so I can go and compete at Junior World Figure skating Championships next year.

Lana Cvijanović 2

Tickets for the Gala are being sold at the gates of Ledena dvorana or can be purchased on www.ticketshop.com and the entry for the competition is free of charge.

The full schedule can be found here.

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