Skate Croatia – Introduction

Dear skating fans,

for many years I have been following and reporting from competitions taking place in my hometown Zagreb, Croatia on message boards like Golden Skate Forum and Figure Skating Universe, but also for news sites specializing in winter sports like / but the time has come to make a change and put my effort where my passion is.

This season,several skating competition will take place in Zagreb.

From 27th – 30th of September, Cup of Croatia – Junior Grand Prix will be held in Dom Sportova Arena.  Entries are up (last change August 30th) and can be viewed here.

From 25th till 29th of October, 29th Golden Bear (younger sibling of Golden Spin) will be held in Ice Rink  “Velesajam”. Entries must reach the Organizer not later than October 1, 2017 and competition is open for  Seniors, Juniors, Advanced Novices, Basic Novices B, Basic Novices A, Cubs and Chicks (girls and boys), Singles and Pairs. All additional information can be viewed here or via Medveščak skating club.

From 6th till 9th of December, 50th Golden Spin of Zagreb will be held in Dom Sportova Arena. At this time, no information is available about the event, but I am confident entries for this event will be interesting, especially considering it is the Olympic season and at the same time as Junior and Senior Grand Prix final is taking place in Nagoya Japan.

While I am mostly figure skating fan, I may end up covering Synchronized skating and perhaps I will use the World Junior Synchronized Skating Championships in Zagreb next March as a test event.

I will try my best to provide useful and current information on the events, full reports and connect with skating enthusiast.

Till next time,

Dunja 🙂

2 thoughts on “Skate Croatia – Introduction

  1. Lovely to hear information from one of my favourite cities. When will this year’s Golden Bear take place? And are there any plans for a Mladost (international) competition in 2018?


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